"Curiosity about what you can do in life drives me". - Troels Bech

Tell us who you are?

My name is Troels Bech, I am 56 years old and married to Nille, who is a visual artist. We have a total of eight children, three of whom are shared.
For 35 years I have lived with football, but am now trying to find out who I am outside that bubble. I do this by holding leadership development courses and lectures and working with the passion I have for collaboration and personal leadership.
You could say that I make an effort NOT to teach people anything, but instead to remind them not to become as fast as some leaders become, but instead to focus on the personal in their leadership.

You quit your job as sports director in Brøndby to travel the world with your family?

Yes, we chose to pull the plug, Nille and I. I wasn't unhappy in the world of sports, not at all, but we came to the conclusion that it was scarier to just repeat what we were doing than to say goodbye to everything at home and experience the adventure.
We invited all eight children along – some are adults, have moved away from home and have their own lives and just had to think about it. But everyone chose to come along, and we sold everything we had to finance that migration. It brought us extra strongly together as a group, and it was on that trip that my new working life took shape inside my head.

Curiosity about what you can do in life drove me. I never got tired of football, but I needed to try something else before it was too late, and the trip gave me the courage.

Could you think of taking another trip?

We would like to. We were supposed to be away for a year, but corona sent us home after nine months. There's so much going on with the children that they probably won't all be able to be lured along again. And then there is the school. The youngest children missed a year of schooling, where we were homeschooled on the trip, and I must state that there was probably a bit too much swimming on the programme. However, we would like to do it again in some form, because the brakes and blockages that were the first time in relation to daring to sell and say goodbye to everything are gone.
We now know that everything will work out, and we use that awareness in other parts of life as well.

Do you miss football?

I still have one foot in the world of football, as I make a podcast about football and management, and am continuously used as an expert on TV – right now as one of TV2's football experts during the World Cup. In addition, I am affiliated with the pro-coaching training, which is the highest coaching training in Denmark.
But I say no thanks to coaching jobs - I am very satisfied with my life as it is now.

What does your attire mean to you?

It might not fit in this forum, ha ha, but I'm just so ignorant and uninterested in clothes. And I guess it's almost too cliche to say that my wife helps me?
I think my lack of interest is because it was never a theme growing up - and in my professional life I just took what was made available to me.
Fortunately, it is not the most important thing in life - but since most people pay attention to the outside, which can disturb the perception of the inside, it is good that there is someone who can help me.

A big thank you to Troels Bech for wanting to be December's 'Man of The Month'.