Man of the Month

'You always find an exciting story behind the exterior' - Ulrik Storm

Jakob Maarup

I denne måned har vi mødt Jakob Maarup.
For mange er han kendt som stemmen bag radiostationen NOVAs formiddagsflade.

For – især – mange odenseanere som stemmen og værten på Odense Stadion, når OB spiller. Og så han også en eftertragtet DJ til private arrangementer.
Og netop fordi en stor del af Jakobs job handler om at få andre til at tale om dem selv, så var det
oplagt at starte snakken med spørgsmålet

’Hvis du skulle stille dig selv et spørgsmål, hvad ville det
så være?’

Anders Haugaard

When we met Anders Haugaard for an interview, it quickly became clear that this is one of the kind of leaders who really helps to make a difference.
For him, it's not just about the bottom line, but about creating a safe culture where you want to make a commitment and make an effort to help each other.

It also affects the way he lives in his private life, where it is the close relationships that matter most.

Christian Hansen

He has earned money playing poker, been a prison guard and is a trained carpenter.
But chance led him into the pub business, and today Christian Hansen is co-owner of one of Odense's best-known pubs - namely Carlsen's Kvarter.

Christian himself says that it is an industry that keeps him young.

Jakob Udesen

'People give me energy'

38-year-old Jakob Udesen is a busy man.

Director, father of three – and so with a huge urge for experiences, which means that we catch him on the phone from a ski hotel in Austria, where he is on a skiing holiday with his family.

Welcome to February's 'Man of The Month, who most of all lives for strong relationships and community.

Peter Schultz Jensen

'I'm not the Excel type – I'm a listening leader'

If you've moved around Odense, you can hardly avoid coming across a picture of Peter Schultz Jensen. In many places in the city, there is a picture of the successful estate agent that we are lucky enough to have as 'Man of The Month' in the first month of 2024.

Simon Bromark

'I like to challenge myself'

When Simon Bromark and his wife Pernille walk down the pedestrian street, they always meet people they know.
They have been restaurant owners in the city for a number of years, the past six years with Olivia Brasserie, and are also active in various business networks.
Simon enjoys the role of the good host and enjoys being able to challenge himself - and not least that he can go to work dressed casually.

Brian Hartmann-Weiergang

'It is important for me to be able to make a difference'

When interviewing a man like Brian, it can be difficult to find the angle on the story. The focal point. Because even though Brian is only 59, he has lived a life like very few. Had
a career that has taken many turns and many different directions.
He is the father of three children and became a father for the first time at a later age than most, because he and his wife should not actually be able to have children.

We have all started our 'Man of the Month' with 'Tell us about yourself'. We did that this time too, but the story was so long that it would require almost a book.
A common denominator in the story of Brian, however, is 'people'. Working with people and the relationship
to humans. That is why we start there. In man.

Morten Nass

"Wine binds people together"

We meet Morten Nass the day before the trip to France. Here he will go with his wine club and taste good wine.

And even if it's just pure pleasure, Morten is always a bit at work when the wine comes on the table. Wine is Morten's great passion - a passion he has made his livelihood as the owner of Vinens Verden.

Henrik Nielsen

'Many people think it's a cakewalk, but you have to be aware of what you're getting into'

When we meet Henrik, he has just completed a quarter of an Ironman, and on the day of the interview he can actually celebrate his ten-year wedding anniversary with his wife, Katrine – a relationship that started the hard way with four years of long distance.

Today, Henrik is self-employed with his own forwarding company.

Torben Rafn

"Now it's more about what I can do for others"

According to Torben Rafn, financial security is one of the most important things for us humans - and that is why he has chosen to devote his career to working with finance.
We met Torben for a chat about finance, career, management - and about being halfway through life.

Rasmus Ullehus Iversen

'People probably know me as a bit of a clown'

Rasmus Ullehus is a bit of a multi-artist. He can write musician, bricklayer, building designer, pub owner, tartlet festival man and family man on his CV.
And most people will probably be a little breathless when they see what Rasmus fills his everyday life with.

Thomas Kristensen

Thomas Kristensen is probably one of the most well-known faces from the TV world - especially if you
are you interested in sports. We caught Thomas on the phone in the Lost & Found queue at the airport, just
the country from Budapest, where he has covered the Europa League final.

Meet the man behind the well-known voice in the world of sports.

Michael Rune

How far would you go to impress your first love?

In Michael's case, really far. In fact, so far that it has paved the way for Michael to have stood on some of the biggest stages, with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

It all sounds like a dream, but we all know the good dreams that are replaced by one's worst nightmares. The nightmare that no human being should have to go through became a reality for Michael back in 2017.

Lasse Koch

Meet April's 'Man of The Month, Lasse Koch.
Lasse lives daily in Aarhus with his family, and together with his brother Michael runs the restaurants 'Det Glade Vanvid'.

Is Lasse a good boss, how dare you open 3 more restaurants during the shutdown in Denmark, and do you want to stand in a kitchen after four in the evening?

Jeppe Tverskov

Meet March's 'Man of The Month', Jeppe Tverskov.
Although Jeppe's football career only started at a 'late' age, he is today the captain of Odense Boldklub. Off the pitch, Jeppe is a new family man and boyfriend.

But what will happen when the contract with OB expires this summer? How did the football career start and what is it like to be a captain and a role model?

Søren Smedegaard White

Meet Søren Smedegaard Hvid who is February's 'Man of The Month'. When you meet Søren, at first glance you will think of a well-dressed businessman, but behind the exterior hides a family man, husband, newly hatched football fanatic and, not least, a heart that burns for entrepreneurship.

On a daily basis, Søren is a chartered accountant and partner in EY and director of EY Entrepreneur of The Year , Denmark.

Mads Elholm

Meet Mads Elholm, who is the year's first 'Man of The Month'. As a very young man, Mads had a huge talent in tennis, but in his late teenage years he lost the spirit and interest.
"When you are 15-16 years old, there are probably many talents that are lost - and I am one of them. It was my mother who drove me around to tournaments and there was a lack of a structured plan for what was going to happen. It is necessary to have a plan and to talk if you do not want to lose the young people at the age when it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you do not break through immediately. I simply lost interest and chose the friends. But I had the talent to push it far”.

Today, the Odense boy with a capital O can call himself a national team player on the Danish padel national team.

Troels Bech

Meet Troels Bech as December's 'Man of The Month'. Most people know Troels from the world of football, which has been part of his everyday life for 35 years, including OB, Esbjerg and Brøndby.
After many years in the world of football, Troels has also had to find out who he is outside this bubble.
To this day, Troels holds leadership development courses and lectures, and works with the passion he has for collaboration and personal leadership.
But football is not completely put on the shelf, as he is a football expert on TV2 during this year's World Cup.

Flemming Hjort

Meet Flemming Hjort who is November's 'Man of The Month'. Flemming Hjort is owner and director of the company Masentia, which sells advanced production equipment to industry in the Nordics.
In the 90s, Flemming lived in Japan as a student, where he was part of a project that supported EU companies that wanted to start exporting to Japan.
To this day, Flemming uses that experience as part of his daily work as director.