'It is important to always make an effort, otherwise it is better not to'. - Lasse Koch

Tell us who you are?

My name is Lasse Koch and I am a restaurateur and run a company called Det Glade Vanvid,
which I have together with my brother Michael Koch. Privately, I live in Aarhus with my family.
I am a trained chef and have previously been on the national team of chefs and among other things won the WC.

What is the Happy Madness?

Det Glade Vanvid is a chain of restaurants, where my brothers and I opened the first in 2008 at
the port of Aarhus. In 2019 we opened one in Randers and during the corona shutdown we opened three more restaurants
and last year we opened inside Vestergade in Odense.

Det Glade Vanvid is, in short, an all-night experience, where the good experience is at the center at a price that most people can afford. It's high-quality food, good wines, nice interiors and good comfort. It's a concept where guests pay a price where everything is included, food, wines, coffee, sweets – so guests know exactly what they have to pay and there are no 'nasty' surprises.

All guests arrive at the same time and make sure, among other things, to pour themselves wine from the wine bar. It activates the guests and creates a good, social atmosphere where you get the feeling of being a small part of a larger company.

You guys opened three restaurants during the shutdown where others in the industry were struggling?

We have a sharp growth strategy and knew that if we were brave, we would be one step ahead when the community was opened again. We were right, and at the same time we have good, deep and close working relationships with our landlords, suppliers and employees who made it possible.

How has it been to open in Odense?

Fantastic. Simply.

We are blown away by the good reception, and very quickly had to activate more opening days to meet the high demand.
We are insanely happy and very humbled. Just because you have a good concept in other cities, it still has to be adapted to the city you are in.
Our product fills a need because it is very contemporary and people know in advance what they have to pay. This is something that many can relate to.

Are you a good boss?

I am one of the best bosses in the world… haha… I try to be contemporary and try to run a company where there is good balance and orderly relationships. We have a lot of focus on having a strong and good culture, but with growth it can become a challenge, because the more people and types and middle managers, the further you get away from the essence.

Therefore, from day one, we have built the organization so that we largely recruit from our own ranks, and it is just as much the team we can put together as it is the room and the city that are decisive for where we open the next restaurant.
We are in an industry where we have to get up early, fight and deliver EVERY day.

Do you still like to cook yourself?

I love it.
On a daily basis, I am a lot on the road and around visiting the restaurants, but
I'm also CEO, so I'm responsible for all the administrative stuff, while my brother, Michael, is
creative director and develops menus etc.
That is why I am also many days away from my actual job as a chef, so I really enjoy being in the kitchen at home.

What is your favorite food?

Food. Food that people have taken the trouble to make. You can buy good ingredients, but if you don't bother, it doesn't matter.
I can appreciate a toast or a stew just as much as a great gourmet, if only you have made the effort.
You have to do that with everything, and we also do that every day in our company.

And what about your attire? Do you bother there too?

Clothes matter. It means something to your identity and what you want to express and reflect
externally such as that you make an effort and pay attention to the details.
I have shopped at Ulrik several times, and Odense should be proud to have a clothing store like Ulrik

They always go to great lengths and have a great deal of uncompromisingness. They have a personal but
very professional approach to things and always makes the customer feel welcome and in focus.

A big thank you to Lasse Koch for being our April 'Man of The Month'.