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A dream to create jeans that would be comfortable, elastic, and without compromising on quality, and at the same time could be used for formal occasions, became a reality when Nicola Bardelle founded Jacob Cohën at the beginning of the year 2000.

They design and develop jeans of a quality not found in many places. Each pair is designed with the iconic Jacob Cohën patch on the back, which is made in different materials such as leather with calf hair , embroidery, and a few examples with diamond dust. Their jeans are hand-stitched and made by skilled craftsmen to ensure quality and that they are made to perfection. This not only ensures durability, but also makes each pair of jeans unique. A fun detail about their jeans is that they are perfumed, which gives the jeans a special Jacob Cohën scent. Handcrafted and made from quality materials with attention to detail, each pair of jeans stands out as a timeless classic that can be worn year after year.

Once you've tried Jacob Cohën jeans, it's hard to go elsewhere.

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