"Now it's more about what I can do for others". - Torben Rafn

Tell us who you are?

My name is Torben, I am married to Mette and the father of two adult sons. I work as a deputy regional director in Nykredit for Region Southern Denmark, and when I have time off I spend my time traveling, playing sports and being with my friends and family.
I have just returned home from a 14 day holiday in France. I live in an apartment in the middle of Odense and am passionate about the city's development.
You can say that I am both professionally and personally interested in the development of cities. Personally, because
using the city is part of my life. Professionally, because we at Nykredit make a living by lending money to those who create and develop the city.

You just turned 50, you say. How does it feel?

It feels nice.
I feel I am in a good place in life. I have peace of mind that I am doing what I am good at. I rest in the fact that I have found my place and can be honest and straightforward in my choices and rejections, because I know my worth.

Are you thinking that you are now halfway through life?

I'm probably more aware that I shouldn't waste time. I am aware that my friends and my
family must have more space than my career and my network. That it is some other and close things,
that are valuable.
Many people take their lives up for re-evaluation at this time. Is this where I want to be? Am I on the right track?

I can safely say that I have landed on the right shelf. I am happy to be a leader, and I am experiencing a very big shift in my awareness of what good leadership is. Now it is more about what I can do for others.
How I can play others well and create opportunities for them to develop in. It feels far more important than being heard and seen myself.
My career journey has naturally been a lot about myself and what I can do myself. That's why it's cool to experience how much more it gives to focus on what I can do for others.

After all, I am super dependent on others doing well – I have just under 200 employees who want to develop and do well.

What type of leader are you?

I am very sure that I am a very transparent person in relation to daring to make demands - and rest in the fact that the results will come when you set people free. The more we give each other room to be human, and when that happens with trust, things work out and flourish.
Leadership is visionary to point the direction, go in that direction and then make room for people to solve the problems themselves. It is about being able to lead confidently.

For me, that is where I thrive best and see the organization flourish the most.

You have chosen a career that is about finance. Why?

My father was self-employed and my mother worked at Danske Bank. I have learned about economics from home and I wanted to study economics.
The drive to create a career came when saw the juice and power of what economics can do, what one can do
creating growth, potential and jobs - and I wanted to be a part of that.

All people's finances are a balance. Financial security is one of the things that interests people the most. Can I afford to live, live, retire, travel, live experience?

It means a lot for people and for business. Do we have money to develop business?
It's the blood that whips around, and if it's in balance, you just feel better.
It is our task at Nykredit to create
that security and taking care of people. Also when we have to say no, which of course there are many who don't like it.

I naturally have a big heart for things to succeed, but in the right way.

What does your attire mean to you?

It means a lot.

The habit is the amour of the businessman and the armor you put on. I wear a suit every day and it's clear to see when it gets so relaxed. When I put on my green velor shorts from Ulrik, you can tell I'm free ha ha.
I enjoy shopping at Ulrik Storm because I like the way the store looks. There is a relaxed atmosphere and you
feel like part of the 'family'.
Ulrik's strength is that you can always go in and have a cup of coffee and look around without feeling obliged to buy anything.

What they have created makes you want to be there.

A big thank you to Torben Rafn for wanting to be part of 'Man of The Month'.