'People probably know me as a bit of a joker'. - Rasmus Ullehus Iversen

Tell us who you are?

My name is Rasmus Ullehus and I am 37 years old. Privately, I am married to Lizelle and father of three, two girls and a little one
boy who was born in the spring.
In addition, people probably know me as a bit of a joker. A man who cannot sit still and always has
once in a thousand different projects. I am a musician and singer, help people build houses, owner
some hosts - Lørups and Ungarsk Vinstue -, are the owners of the Tarteletfestivalen, and then I help
different companies to hold company parties.

Do you have 30 hours in a day?
I get up early in the morning…

Yes, so do I. But I don't have that many projects going on?
I think people think I work more than I do. I have always liked having many different projects and setting many things in motion, but I also have talented employees – and of course a very understanding wife.

How do you feel right now?

I have a bit of a hangover. I have been lying all day watching the Tour de France because I had a big party
yesterday. I belong to a lodge called Round Table, where I have been chairman for the past year.

You can be that for a year, and when you step down, you have to have a party. The plan was actually Hawaii-
theme in the garden, but it rained all day, so we moved the party inside. We have one indoors
pool, so it ended up with 40 men in the pool…

Is it in the blood, the thing with parties?
I've always liked parties, and I liked life in the restaurant environment.
My mother owned Rottefælden, and my stepfather was the manager of Kim Larsen, so I grew up in an environment where a lot happened.

Is that why you own two restaurants today?

It was actually my mother and stepfather who have owned Lørups since 1985, but have always leased it out.
I always wanted to take it over, so today I lease it from my mother.

I've always loved brown pubs, and that's why I also chose to buy Ungarsk Vinstue, so that it wouldn't close down.

Brune taverns have a wonderful diversity, where there is room for all people. After all, it is a kind of leisure center for older people. There are so many regulars that if one regular doesn't show up one day, a call is made to that person's home.

And even if I'm not standing at the bar myself,
I try to play each place once a month.

Yes, because there is the music. You won 'Star For One Evening' in 2003 as a 16-year-old...
Do we need to talk about it? Haha… I didn't really do anything about it after that. I sang on the scaffold in
the place. I have always liked working with my hands, so I continued as a mason teacher, and I have not regretted it. On the other hand, I probably sang at 300 weddings from the time I was 16 to the age of 28...
And then, as I said, I still perform once in a while.

You say yourself that you are a happy man. Has life always been easy?

I lost my father in 2014. He was 52. One day he went to the heart during a bike ride and then
he dead. We worked together and cycled together every weekend. He was my best friend. But he was also a very sensible man, and he had probably slowed down many of my projects before
they had even started.

You could say that I have become braver since he died. Your father wants you to have a good job - and I wanted something wilder, but he said 'wait
now'. When he died, I didn't wait any longer.

If you have to tell something that will surprise?

(Calling his wife) 'Honey, what will surprise?'
(Rasmus' wife shouts in the background) 'That you always cry when you see e.g. America's Got Talent..

Haha, yes, that's right. When someone is really good on America's Got Talent and the judges push the gold button, tears roll down my cheeks...

Haha. And then I love my garden and vegetable garden, which I have started spending a lot of time on after we bought a house in Tommerup.

With your many different roles. So what does the clothes mean to you?
I occasionally have to go directly from something to, for example, a party. Then I go to Ulrik and ask him to help me with an outfit I can change into.
And otherwise I don't think too much about it - I often wear colorful shirts.

Probably because it often suits my mood.

A big thank you to Rasmus Ullehus Iversen for standing up for 'Man of The Month'.