'I'm not the Excel type – I'm a listening leader' - Peter Schultz Jensen

Tell us who you are?

My name is Peter Schultz Jensen, I am 51 years old and married to Jette. Together we have two adult children, Karoline and Kristoffer.
I am a real estate agent and owner of 4 Nybolig Palle Jensen real estate agencies - three housing agencies and a project department, which sells and rents the city's projects.

Why real estate agent?
I have been a broker since 1993, when I started in my father's company. Since 2002 I have been self-employed, and in fact I am so lucky that today I work together with both my wife and my children.

But what makes a young guy enter his father's company…?

After all, I had a career as a footballer, but I was getting tired of all the stress and rush with training etc. Then my father said he had a position as a student. So I grabbed it, and then I've since built it up to what it is now. And I have loved the job from the first second.
Dealing with people, talking to people, seeing things grow, and seeing the team and community flourish.

Today, your picture hangs in many places in the city on many housing projects?
We are successful and it is the fault of my employees. I love watching them work together and achieve the goal because their success is my success. I don't have a lot of turnover in my team, and I've pretty much trained all my employees.
I feel I am playing the cards right and have set the team right from the start. We are humble, hardworking and have a common goal. We embrace all our employees and take great care that they feel good and that it is a good place to work. I ask what can stimulate them. Make them good. And in this way finds out how the team can achieve a common goal.
The strength we have is the DNA we have built from the start

What kind of leader are you?

I'm not an Excel type. I am more of a talking and listening leader. I believe that you achieve your goals by working together with deep respect for the individual.
There are not many 'must' boxes with me - the employees are allowed to live out what they want, within the framework of course.

You talk a lot about putting 'the team'?
It probably follows from my time as a football player. I reached 50 matches in the youth national team and was a youth player in OB.
I couldn't really make the first team, because Lars Høgh was there, but I absorbed the best from him. I had Denmark's best teacher in him at the time, and I enjoyed every second when we trained together then.
He was fantastic. He was a really good guy. We trained together for four or five years, and we knew each other and knew how to optimize.
He corrected me, I corrected him. And I have transferred that to my employees – 'if you did that, you might have reached your goal'.

I was captain for almost every year I played football. So I've probably had some kind of leadership built in. And I think I have created a good workplace. In my industry there is a lot of turnover, but I haven't had that at all.

You are also in an industry that is very sensitive to the state of society. Can it be unnerving?

Now I've been around for so many years and I know it goes up and down. But if you do things right, it won't go wrong.
If you run your business properly and stably and save up for bad times, it gives peace of mind.
We know there is a good bottom line, and that gives peace of mind – also to the employees.
And we are super busy.
The fact that the 5% bonds are now called 4% means that people's disposable income may increase. Inflation is in place, real wages have risen, unemployment is not present.

The outlook for 2024 should look better. First half of 20223 was a challenge, but everything seems to be bottling up now. But it only does if you do things properly. And we do.

How do you see Odense's development?

Odense is no longer just a place you drive past. Now you stop. You have Novo, Facebook
– those companies with 3-5000 employees companies that enter. It is

Odense has really become a cool city and a cool study city. Although there are many units for rent right now, there will also be many tenants.

Do you invest in properties yourself?
No I do not. I do not want. And I can't do anything myself, so I would have to hire from outside and become an expensive intermediary.
At our house, it says 'Jette' (Peter's wife, red) on it
the toolbox.
I can't hammer in a nail - but I can say where the picture should be hung.

What does clothing mean to you?

That's what we do at work – we meet many different people, and it has to look presentable.
We no longer wear ties to work, but are more casual. But when I'm lying on the sofa
at home watching football, the Adidas suit is on. I grew up in OB haha...

I have traded with Ulrik since he worked in Svendborg, and most of my brokers trade
also at Ulrik's. Ulrik Storm also possesses many of the parameters that I use in my daily life and in my business.
In addition to a naturally delicious selection of clothes and a nice shop, there is always a smile and friendly service here.

A big thank you to Peter Schultz Jensen for wanting to be the year's first 'Man of The Month' in 2024.