"Wine binds people together" - Morten Nass

Tell us who you are?

My name is Morten Nass. I am 50 years old, married to Anette and father of two boys. I have lived in Odense since 1996, when I moved here - over to the 'pi'en from Fyyn' , as they say, ha ha.

And then I am a winemaker and have worked with wine for over 30 years. Today, I am the main shareholder in Vinens Verden A/S, which supplies wine to restaurants, hotels and independent wine merchants across the country.

In addition, I have a wine shop at Hestehaven in Odense S, from where we sell to local business customers and private individuals.

How did the passion for wine start?

I started an apprenticeship as a waiter at a Jutland road inn, where I had an inspector who could see that I could learn to taste the wines.

That's why he started inviting me along when new wines were to be tasted, and that quickly piqued my interest. At the age of 21, I took the entrance exam for the Danish Sommelier Association and was accepted.

I then moved to Funen, where I initially worked at the Hotel Hesselet and subsequently with Michel Michaud at the Marie-Louise restaurant, before I moved into the wine industry – first as an employee in a wine shop and later as self-employed.

You say wine is your life?

It has definitely become my life. I work with my great hobby, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do so. I very much appreciate being in a place in my life where it is what I care so much about that fills my working life.

What is it that wine can do?

It binds people together. It creates relationships.

It is also the human part around the wine,
I am fascinated by. Both how we meet over the wine in companies, but also the people I meet out at the vineyards and develop strong relationships with. I may have dealt with the parents and then the children take over.
These are strong relationships that go back a long way, and where it's not just about 'another salesguy' , but about passion and families. It is fantastic.

Behind every glass of wine, there is also a good story.

What is the best glass of wine you have ever drunk?

The best glass of wine is probably a red Burgundy from Domaine Georges Roumier – and it's not
once something I import myself.
I tasted it on a very special evening, which was a once in a lifetime tasting. Their wines are completely unique and some of them almost irreplaceable and a lot
expensive because the world market demands them.

In my industry, there are many collectors who invest in wines, and they could sell and make money from them, but occasionally also want to taste them themselves. And then you invite people you can taste with.
And such an evening it was.

What do you do when you are served a bad glass of wine?

Then it's me driving home, ha ha. But it is now dangerous to say, because if I looked clean
actually MUST drive home people think they serve bad wine because I've said so in interviews, ha ha.

What do you do if you don't know anything about wine, but want to serve something good?

If you're completely blank, don't surf the net. Go to your local specialty store, tell them which ones
taste preferences you have and talk to the wine merchant and taste the wines.

And look e.g. against Germany, which is developing hugely in terms of quality. It is a country that has gone from being synonymous with delivering bad Liebframiclh to today delivering quality wine in the highest class at good prices. So it's a good place to look now, especially for the whites, and otherwise I'll probably look in the south of France, e.g. in areas such as Rousillion & Rhône.

How often do you open a really good bottle of wine yourself?

Always on weekends. And preferably in the company of good friends or family. My wife is a trained chef, so we also pay a lot of attention to food and eat well. But I don't drink wine every day.
Some days at work I can taste 15-20 different wines, where I spit out.

And what about your attire? What does it mean?

I live in an industry with lots of good food and wine, so I try to stay fit for the fight and run and train. After all, it would be far too expensive to have to change my wardrobe all the time, ha ha.

But yeah, I care about what I wear - and I care that it's not TOO formal. Therefore, it is usually chinos or jeans with a nice shirt and maybe a blazer in the evening for a dinner.

I almost never leave the register without a shirt – it's probably an occupational injury.
I enjoy coming to Ulrik Storm because it is a specialty store where they know you, know my taste and my style, and where they develop relationships.
Relationships between people - it can do anything.

A big thank you to Morten Nass for wanting to be October's 'Man of The Month'.