"I don't really believe in setbacks, but in life giving us some challenges that we have to learn from". - Michael Rune

tell about yourself

My name is Michael Rune, I am 45 years old, married to Mia and father of three lovely girls. I am a trained saxophonist and make a living playing the saxophone and producing music. I am part of the Lee Van Club, which is the country's leading trio consisting of DJ, percussion and me on sax.

We play at parties and events around the country, and during the summer we play in Tivoli every Friday, among other places.

In addition, I am one half of Subnesia, which I have together with DJ Anders Ponsaing, where we are currently putting the finishing touches on our first album, which will be released on Kenneth Bager's record label, Music for Dreams, in June.

Why did you choose music as a way of life? And the saxophone as an instrument?

When I was a young boy, I played a lot of football in OB - and then I played flute in the Odense School Orchestra.
I had a little crush on one of the girls who played the saxophone, and in order to be able to sit next to her in the orchestra, I practiced playing the saxophone all summer.

When the orchestra started up again, I played the saxophone - but the girl was no longer with, ha ha.

On the other hand, I found out that I was quite good at it, and then I had to choose between football or music. Fortunately, it was the music. Instead of high school, I chose to go to MGK and later apply to the conservatory, from which I graduated in 2006.
And since then I've lived on it.

Is the music industry a tough industry?

Yes. And no. At the conservatory there was a lot of focus on playing jazz, and I didn't really like that, so my teachers were a bit tired of me. But I quietly started playing with DJs – the first time together with Daniel Gjøde at Franck A – and quickly found out that I was good at it.

The electronic world, house music, was something I could feel. And so I made it my way of life. Later I moved into producing music as well and over the years have made tracks in the pop genre that have sold both gold and platinum.

You came second in the Melodi Grand Prix when it was held in Odense?

Haha, yes. DR had asked me several times if I didn't want to join, but I said no. Then the unfortunate thing happened that my mother-in-law became terminally ill with cancer, and she so wanted to experience it.

I got the offer to do a track with an insanely talented producer who lives in LA and we got a talented singer from New York and we did 'Wanna be Loved'. We probably would have won it all if it wasn't for Basim, haha.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law didn't get to experience it, but I know she was listening.

What has been your biggest downfall?

I don't really believe in setbacks, but in life giving us some challenges that we have to learn from. In 2017, out of the blue, I suffered a brain haemorrhage which could have killed me. It was six weeks before I was due to be a father for the third time and I lost the ability to speak and became paralyzed on my right side. I therefore couldn't play the saxophone, and it was quite life-changing.

Because who was and am I without the saxophone? When I was back on my feet, I opened a small coffee shop, which quickly became a success, but at the same time I also started to be able to play again. And once again I chose the music – luckily. Because since then it has really picked up, and I feel a completely different gratitude for it now than I did before the brain haemorrhage.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician?

There have been many. I have been on many stages and played with many different artists. Big scenes with Outlandish and KATO when we did Desert Walk. The club tour with Nadia Gattas, when we hit with 'Min Indre Stemme', Melodigrandprix, playing with KIDD and Tobias Rahim. And it's cool that I'm behind tracks that are still played a lot and that people sing along to. But basically, that's probably where I am now, together with my really good friend Anders and our project with Subnesia at Music for Dreams.

Kenneth Bager has always been a huge icon for me and, in my view, one of the most influential figures on the international electronic music scene. Working with him has always been a huge dream and now I do. And even with one of my best friends. Now I actually sit and produce music that Kenneth Bager likes, publishes and is a part of. And he is exactly as talented as I have always imagined. I am very excited about what the project will bring. In any case, I think we're on to something really good, and the singles that have been released are being played all over the world. It is also quite wild to experience. I am sure that the greatest experiences lie ahead.

Finally – what about your attire. What does it mean as a musician?

It means a lot to me. What many may not know is that Ulrik Storm is also a DJ, and in fact we have played quite a bit together over the years. I stopped by here to buy clothes for my daughter's confirmation and then he said 'maybe you're done wearing hoodies then'. Haha. But then, I NEVER wear hoodies. I care a lot about how I look - especially when I'm out playing and maybe have a style that requires a bit of courage - at least it's not boring. Among other things, I am quite well known for my pink Nike Ambush.

A big thank you to Michael Rune for being part of 'Man of The Month'.