'I don't fit into this industry' - Marek Dabrowski

Tell about yourself...

I am building a home. Period.

And besides, I'm not too keen on talking about myself ha ha...

Try anyway…

In addition to owning the company Eksklusiv Byg , I am married to a very nice woman called Trine, and I am the father of two children, a 17-year-old boy and a 20-year-old girl.
I was born in Poland, but came to Denmark when I was six years old.

Exclusive Build. It almost goes without saying, but what is special about what you can do?

I started Eksklusiv Byg in 2007 with a desire to focus on quality and good craftsmanship.

Over the years, I have acquired an expertise in rebuilding and renovating in accordance with the soul, style and age of the houses.

In short, I find great satisfaction in coming up with good ideas and solutions so that my customers get the best. I am responsible for all the projects myself.

We were once almost 30 people in the company, but I have found that I am best alone, and then I hire the most talented subcontractors.

But in reality, I don't fit in at all in this industry.

You don't fit in?

No. It is hard to be a contractor in the tradesman industry - there is a lot of negativity among tradesmen.

When it comes to people and craftsmanship, no one is perfect. I always say to customers that everyone makes mistakes, but the most important thing is that we are there the same day and correct things, and that can sometimes be difficult when you work with craftsmen. The standard that is natural for me is not necessarily natural for most people. That's why I've also gotten into twisters over time, of which I think I've had too many.

However, in recent years I myself have become more large and have settled down to a more relaxed pace. This gives more profit to handle both customers and sub-suppliers.

It's an industry where everyone tries to cheat everyone and doesn't think in the bigger picture. But I can read people and see through them and can tell when people are lying. And it affects me, so I always try to find people who have something between their ears and are good both emotionally and professionally.

And I think I succeed in that.

When you have such a high standard, what can put you in a bad mood to watch?

When people decorate beautiful houses absolutely horribly.

No, it might be a bit silly to say, but when I sit and look at sales ads - which I often do - I just see some terrible examples where you haven't looked at the house with style and soul at all.

When I collaborate with my clients, I am also very straightforward. I speak my mind, and it occasionally happens that the customer holds on to an idea that I don't think is right.

Then I ask them to think about it, and then they often come back and see that I was right.

Are you looking at sales ads?

I guess we've moved almost every 5-6 years because I find new projects to throw myself into.

But now Trine has said that here, where we live, here we will stay. And it also fits very well with the fact that I have calmed down more in recent years and can see the value in being content where you are.

What are you looking for yourself?

I always go for beautiful old houses from the 1900s with beautiful details and soul. I'm not into new construction.

It must be anxiety-provoking to be visited by you as a friend?

Ha ha, yes. No, actually almost all my friends are also someone I've done something with.

I have a tendency to become friends with my customers, and of course you have to be careful with that, because then it can suddenly become difficult for them to take proper payment for things.

Where does the sense of good style come from?

I do not know. At least it hasn't entered the mother's milk.

How did you grow up then?

I come from really poor conditions in Poland. We lived in the world's smallest village, and before I came to Denmark, I hadn't seen a car and hadn't tasted a soft drink - shut up, getting a red soft drink... It was a town where horse-drawn carriages drove and we had a toilet in the farm. My mother married a man, and we ended up in a terraced house in Højstrup, where we were eight children.

Then I got a bicycle and have probably been cycling since I was 7-8 years old. I loved cycling and ended up becoming a cyclist. I cycled until I was in my mid-20s and, among other things, had been with the national team for the world championship.

On the track, I have set both Danish and Nordic records.

Do you still cycle?

No, but I have a bike that is in storage. Cycling has given me a lot, including a strong will, but it is very much a selfish sport, and I am far from being an egoist. I always think of others before myself. And I cried e.g. to Nik & Jay at the stadium on Saturday.

You cried to Nik & Jay?

Yes, you know. They have also been through a lot and are standing there, and their story is just so cool.

And then I saw myself standing with the ones I love, my wife and my best friends, and it just hit me that I just feel so good.

I really appreciate my life and where I am now. I go for a lot of walks and can look up at the sky and just say thank you.

Things make sense in the midst of so much bullshit around the world. I have been beaten many times in my life and I remember everything, but I am very grateful.

A big thank you to Marek Dabrowski for nominating 'Man of The Month'.