'People give me energy'. - Jakob Udesen

Tell us who you are?

I am a happy, fresh and slightly naughty boy who likes to challenge myself and things. I can go with the flow when it makes sense in terms of the community, but I also dare to go against the flow when there is something I disagree with.
Sports and especially team sports have always meant a lot to me, where I have played and trained football
divisional level.

Today I work as managing director of Godik, the country's largest landlord for events and festivals, and privately I am married to Camilla and the father of three children aged 4, 8 and 10.

How did you end up as director?

I started as a consultant for many years and got to know a lot of companies and helped them make better decisions in primary sales, marketing and business development.

I subsequently joined Riwal, where I have been responsible for sales and marketing as well as that
commercial responsibilities, and when I was offered the job at Godik in connection with a generational change, I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to challenge and develop a lot myself.

It was a company that faced exciting challenges, and I wanted to take on that battle
up. I have taken it step by step, because it is a difficult balancing act to maintain the existing ones
good, strong values ​​and at the same time putting in new things to develop the business.

It requires a great knowledge of people – something I have always been interested in. I have always been driven by the teamwork that exists between people - whether it has been in sport or work.

Making things work together.
People give me energy.

Are you a good manager?

Fortunately, I think most people will say yes.


I think they feel I am a leader who will always help them and set direction. They are not afraid to ask, and they always get an answer they can use.

Occasionally I ask them to find the answer themselves - but on
a way where it is about freedom under responsibility.
I have spent a lot of time developing myself as a leader and on how to develop teams and work with different types.
It is important to understand that people are different. I find that exciting, and it comes quite naturally to me.

I know that different types need to be led in different ways and act in different ways and that no one is perfect.

So what about the team you have at home? What is the recipe for success?

It IS a balance to make the family and career work. If I had to choose anything, it would definitely be the career. It is clear that Camilla is pulling the biggest load on the home front, so kudos to her.

We both like something happening. We like to do things and we are not good at sitting still. We can say that now we are going to have a quiet weekend, but then we still end up doing something. Something has to happen, so we are constantly pulling each other along with each other's ideas.

We are not bored and we are both very social. And then we just like being together.

You got married in Italy a few years ago? Why Italy?

For the romance. And to symbolize that we like experiences, doing and trying new things.
And here was the opportunity to do it and give ourselves and our guests an experience. It was a cool way
to hold a wedding.

And then I have a fondness for Italy, as I once studied at the University of Rome. However, it was mostly about being social and going into town..haha..

You always seem happy?

I'm very rarely sad, but life goes up and down. I have had periods when life has been harder, e.g. when everyday life goes on, it's all liver paste and running in circles.
There I was able to make myself ask myself what the meaning is. But the vast majority of the time I am happy and easy to be with.

What is your relationship with clothes?

I like good clothes and something that looks nice. But also something you feel comfortable in.

I have passed it on to my son, who always walks past Ulrik's shop with his eyes wide open and wants to go in there. It is a pure James Bond store, and there is no nicer store in Denmark.

I also have many sets in all sorts of colors and patterns, because I like to dress up and stand out and rarely get embarrassed

A big thank you to Jakob Udesen for putting himself up for 'Man of The Month'.