"It is necessary to have a plan and to talk, if you are not to lose the young people at the age when it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you do not break through immediately". - Mads Elholm

Mads Elholm
Tell us who you are?

My name is Mads Elholm, I am 37 years old and in a relationship with Lotte, with whom I have two children - Athena aged two and August aged five. I was born and raised in Sanderum and live in Odense now with my family. I've always missed Odense when I've been away with my sport, so you could say I'm an Odense boy with a capital O.
I have played tennis all my youth, was on the youth national team and was one of the best in Denmark from the age of ten to 15.

Since then I have been an entrepreneur and, among other things, developed an online card game platform, and today I work as a sales manager for a Swedish company that, among other things, sells padel equipment.

And then I play on the padel national team.

Why didn't you continue the tennis career?

When you are 15-16 years old, there are probably many talents that are lost - and I am one of them. It was my mother who drove me around to tournaments and there was a lack of a structured plan for what was going to happen. It is necessary to have a plan and to talk if you do not want to lose the young people at the age when it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you do not break through immediately. I simply lost interest and chose the friends. But I had the talent to drive it far.

Later I got back into the sport as a player and coach and, among other things, traveled around with the national youth team, where Holger Rune and Clara Tauson, who most people probably know, played.

And now it's about padel?

Yes, I was introduced to padel 3.5 years ago by chance. I played the Funen Championship and came third. I quickly became good at padel and made the national team after a year. Since then I have played the European Championship and the World Cup in Qatar. I want to categorize myself as top 4 in Denmark and I will play until I am overtaken by some young players. It will happen, but they won't be gifted it, ha ha.

What is your greatest experience with padel?

Definitely the World Cup in Qatar. I know that you can think a lot about Qatar, but being a performer is a huge experience, where everything was taken care of. We met some of the world's best players. In Denmark, padel is a new sport, while in other countries they have grown up with it.

Why do you think padel has become so popular here?

Padel is a sport where it is easy to get started, and you can quickly get into some cool duels. It is – in contrast to tennis – a very social sport, and that's also what I fell for in padel. The game is super fun because you play two against two, and the padel centers have been good at creating a social atmosphere around the game with draft beer and music.
They certainly take many players from both tennis and other sports.

What does your attire mean to you?

It means a lot, but I have and have had many hours a week in sportswear. However, I like to go nicely dressed, and I also shop at Ulrik Storm. When I'm out with customers, I'm always dressed casually because I sell sports equipment – ​​it's not ties and suits, but usually not jogging clothes either.

During the years I played tennis, I preferred to play in white and in Nike, but now that I play, I am more neutral, as the sports brand I work for has not really launched their clothing collection in Denmark yet.

A big thank you to Mads Elholm for wanting to be this year's first 'Man of The Month'.