'We have a lot of free time, but not a lot of freedom'. - Jeppe Tverskov

Tell us who you are?

I think people know me mostly from OB, where I play and am in my seventh season. I joined the club as a 23-year-old after two years in Randers, and now I am captain and have been for half a year.
Besides playing football in OB, I live with my girlfriend, with whom I had a little daughter nine months ago.

You are 29. How long will your football career last?
I hope I can play for a long time. Fortunately, I have been spared from injury throughout my career, and if I can keep my body in good shape, I hope to be able to keep going – also until a little longer than my mid-30s, when most people stop. But it is difficult to predict - after all, it is about both body and level.

When did you know you wanted to be a soccer player?

It dawned on me a little late. I have never really been inside football's youth mill. Today, when you are discovered as a young person, you are quickly driven down an ambitious path with a focus on food, sleep, football. I had a fairly normal youth, and it was only in 3rd grade that I got the opportunity to play seriously.
So for me it has been a slightly different way in, where after high school it was easy for me to bet.
I had a sabbatical while my friends worked and traveled, where I focused fully on football.

But you must have had talent, right?
Most people get pitched and taken pretty early, but I didn't. I felt then that I was good, but when I wasn't chosen, the question was whether I would even succeed.
I had a dream to become a professional, and that was also why I put everything aside to try to become one – I knew very well that there might be a little longer way for me.

What does a day in your life look like?

We arrive at 9, 8.30 if you need treatment and are injured. Then training begins
at 10 o'clock and ends at 12 o'clock, and then we have lunch. Then there is possible treatment, and if we
train one more time, it's around 2-3 p.m. Otherwise, we are free from 1 p.m.
We have a lot of free time, but not that much freedom. We can e.g. don't go out on a Friday night.
In general, it is expected that when we get home from training, we make sure to recover and eat
properly. We just can't do as much as our family and friends.

How did you become a captain?
Becoming a captain depends somewhat on where you are on the team. When I was 23 I had a little
different status in the squad than I have today, although I joined the captaincy group, as is typical
consists of some players around the captain. After this, my development in the team has also developed
to a place as captain and thus with more responsibility for the squad

As a leader, are you also a role model for the others?

I hope I can be a role model for the younger players. I have been in the club for quite a few years
and have been with both ups and downs, so that the young people who have come can see that I have been with
long and played, both when things have gone well and badly.

You currently have a contract until the summer. What will happen?

I don't know that yet, so I can't answer that….

Don't know or don't want to answer?
I don't know, but it's one of those things that means a lot to me and my family. My girlfriend
works here in Odense, and she must be able to move with me. So that's something we talk about quite a bit, then
it can be difficult to be in that uncertainty.
In general, it works that way, when you have half a year left on your contract, clubs must contact you.

So is it going?
Yes, it's happening. Haha. But I don't think I really want to talk about that part.

Ha ha. We have to ask. But what do you dream about when your career ends?

I don't quite know that myself. I'm reading a HD on the side to get ready for something.
Before I played football professionally, football was the hobby I liked the most. So I'm doing it right now, which I've thought was the most fun my whole life.
But what we don't have right now is free weekends. So when the career stops one day, that's probably what I crave. Right now I see my friends and families enjoying themselves on the weekends, and the
part I miss right now. But the question is, how is it after four or five weeks with weekends off? Because, well, I'm just really happy with football.

Finally, how much do you pay attention to your clothing when most of your time is in training clothes?

After all, there are not great requirements for what I wear to my job. But then, I dress up without being fanatical.
However, my style is probably a little more street-based than what I am photographed in. But I like it when, for example, I for my brother's wedding was in a suit from here. It's a different feeling.

A big thank you to Jeppe Tverskov for wanting to be March's 'Man of The Month'.