"Personally, I think southern European men dress better". - Flemming Hjort

Tell us who you are?

My name is Flemming Hjort, I am 56 years old and married to Susan, with whom I have three children together.
I live in Dalum and was born and raised in Odense. On a daily basis, I am the owner and director of the company Masentia, which sells advanced production equipment for industry in the Nordics, and which I bought from my parents. At the time, the company was called AVN Maskiner, but I renamed it Masentia, which is a contraction of the Latin words for machines and presence or proximity.

And precisely proximity means a lot in my daily work, as we are a trade and service company.

You have lived in Japan?

Yes, in the 90s I lived in Japan. I have a degree in economics from SDU and came there as part of one
project where EU companies who wanted to start exporting to Japan were supported. Student
got the opportunity to come to Japan for a year and a half with an intensive language school and as a trainee in one
Corporation. The purpose was to get to know the culture and thus make it easier to penetrate the Japanese market. I ended up getting a job in a trading house that dealt in wood. I was interesting because I could talk to both Norwegians and Japanese.

How has living and working abroad affected you?

I see it as a great advantage. I use it in my daily work as a director, but it also has
positively affected my entire understanding of humanity. I myself have tried standing in immigration queues and
traveled in and out of the country. I can vividly imagine how hard it must be to be an immigrant and a refugee, and I think we should be more nuanced in the way we deal with people who come from outside. We should look more in the direction of countries that are used to dealing with immigrants from many different countries.

What does your clothing mean to you on a daily basis?

Personally, I think that Southern European men are better at dressing than Danish men, where
many do not go into it at all. I do, but in a quiet and calm way.
When I worked in Japan, you had to wear a suit and tie. It was almost like a uniform, and it was really easy. But I have to be careful with how nice I am everyday. I have to think about the fact that on a working day I can both sit in meeting rooms and be in the workshop of the machine factory, so I am therefore mostly wearing some nice trousers or jeans, a quality shirt, which is preferably made for me, a cool blazer and a sweater in autumn. And of course a pair of cool shoes. If I have to go out, I dress it up a bit, but I'm not one to dress up.

Now, for example, I have just been to both Paris and London, and there you can dress up a bit more.

A big thank you to Flemming Hjort for being our first 'Man of The Month'.